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Summer 2016

Friday 19th August 2016

Hey everyone!

We hope everyone is having an amazing summer - it's been pretty hectic over here at The Fix HQ (hence our last blog being Christmas!) we've been all over the UK and Europe, performing Pop and Rock Covers for some very appreciative audiences. We'd like to thank everyone who has booked The Fix so far this year - we've had an absolute blast.

So we wanted to share with you a particular summer highlight... we had an amazing time on our gig in Washington (…UK) last Saturday, an amazing bunch of people celebrating their friends wedding in style, by dancing to some epic pop and soul. Check out the video to hear some of your favourite chart topping tracks, as you can see and hear we’re not your normal live covers band but we still bring the party! Keep an eye out for Tom’s Taylor Swift impression, second to none!

Looking forward to catching you all at a wedding, corporate do or after-party some time soon! Also if you’re London based and want to hear us playing an acoustic set of some souled-up pop covers we do the odd bar/restaurant gig so you can get a feel for us before you book The Fix... keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook page for news of upcoming public performances.

Until next time...

The Fix.

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