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Hello Valencia!

Tuesday 15th September 2015

Spain, known for it's Sun, Tapas and outdoor Weddings/Raves. That's right, your favourite London Corporate Band have just got back from Valencia, performing at the the wedding of Ben and Sarah, who just so happen to be friends with A LOT of party people! It really kicked off (just check out the video!) with guests working off their Paella by boogying to the live music, bombing the pool and hitting each other with inflatable microphones...

We had an incredible time there, staying on for another two days, we managed to cram in a Tapas feast, swim in the Med, find the Holy Grail (well that was easy...), Sangria, Paella, a 1am swim (FTR an ideal post-gig wind-down), more Tapas and a jam with a friendly Cuban busker (obligatory Beatles covers...). Big thanks to Ben and Sarah and their wonderful family for their generosity and hospitality. Our fingers are crossed for more Spanish gigs soon!

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